Why Boxing Good For You

Now, no one in their right mind is suggesting that you go and join a ‘fight club’. If that were you, you may as well clock yourself into a mental asylum. Least that way you get to sit in a chair all day and gaze out of the window without a single scar on your face. But if, on the other hand, you go in for pro boxing classes you still won’t have a scar on your face. Why is this? How can this even be possible? After all, the guy in the ring with you could be pummelling your cheekbones with heavy punches and all.

And that’s another thing. You said pro. How can that be? After all, no average guy is going to go pro as a boxer at his age. No, no, it’s not that at all. No, wait, listen. It is like this. By pro is meant that you will be receiving professional boxing classes from professional instructors or trainers. There. You get it now. Of course you do. And that’s the other ting, because its professional and the training and combat is rules-based, you are required to wear a protective face mask in any case.

And you are required to wear a protective face mask whenever you go down to the mall or supermarket to go do your shopping. Which is more dangerous? Training at the gym? Or going to the mall? Go figure. And which pursuit is the healthier one, or the one with the least stress. Well, boxing of course. Hard to believe, right? Hard to believe if you’re one of those guys that have never seen the inside of a gym your entire life.

boxing classes

But if that’s you, you might want to start off with something a little tamer.